Thursday, 27 February 2014

Brian Goudie - hacked again!

Bangkok, 27th February 2014 at 1820hrs

Well, here we go again!

My life is so interesting that my email has been hacked again!

I was suspicious already, and so had stopped checking email about the 21st of this month, but I have now confirmed without a doubt that I have been hacked!

At 1814hrs today I got a telephone alert to say someone was trying to access my email - apparently from Surat Thani - good luck with that as I am at Suvarnabhumi Airport!

Nice try guys - passwords changed.

Really, such childish pranks.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Brian Goudie - who are these anonymous internet warriors?

Well I have been deliberately posting on this blog recently and watching as the anonymous internet warriors post comments.

Even when they make horrific comments, I dont bother to delete them now.

These people hide behind internet profiles with made up names such as Tommy Truthsearcher, Jules, Sam Kane, Ally, Sam Thai, The Weapon - all spend all their time making comments and threats from the comfort of their internet connections.

Fake Facebook profiles, fake Wordpress blogs, fake Blogger sites, fake Google Plus profiles - the lot!
It comes under the umbrella name of 'internet harrassment' or 'cyber harrassment'. It is a criminal offence in most countries, but difficult to identify offenders.

Easy to make threats when you are anonymous isnt it girls?

Now ask the question - why do they use fake untraceable accounts with fake photoshopped profile photos?
There are two reasons, firstly they are low life cowardly scum bags who would never challenge face to face, and secondly they know if they can be identified we will prosecute them under Thailand's Computer Crimes Act.

The only one who posts in his own name is Andrew Drummond - and he will face a lot of cases this year from a number of parties - at least he has the balls to put his name to it, for which I give him some credence even though he does get it wrong some of the time.

The ones who hide behind fake names, you can decide - low life cowards not man enough to use real names, or credible commenters.

This is my personal blog with my real name and a real photo and my other site is Case Watch Asia ( ) - having some tech problems this week but will be back up soon!

Brian Goudie
Koh Samui, Thailand.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Brian Goudie - A lesson on online storage!

Dropbox Standard Setup - Insecure

Like most others of my generation, technology sometimes gets ahead of me.

This past month has taught me a huge lesson - online storage programmes may not be as 'secure' as you think!

I was living in a happy world, believing that if you delete a 'shared' folder, or break the link to the machine, it also deletes the files on the 'shared' machine - it doesn't!

So you give an employee access to a 'Dropbox' shared folder, they 'sync' and they have all your files - they leave, you unshare, but they still have the files!

If a machine gets stolen - they have all the files!

I have used 'Dropbox' 'Skydrive' 'ICloud' and 'Google Docs' and always preferred 'Dropbox', only because the files are retained locally and easy to access. I never gave a thought to the fact that Dropbox stores all documents locally, and acts as a normal drive - syncing across all machines. And automatically uploads from your phone camera.

I also started using 'Dropbox' much more because I got a 50GB 'Dropbox' free a couple of months ago with my new Samsung Galaxy - free, got to be good right?

Maybe not.

Take a real life scenario, the machine with your local 'Dropbox' is compromised, and you end up locked out of it - all your files are now out of your reach, and in the hands of a third party.

Dropbox runs as long as your machine is switched on, no password is required to access the local machine, and you are locked out!

All your saved docs, camera uploads are gone!
Dropbox Encrypted Setup - Secure
A very good friend of mine solved this for me yesterday, combining 'Dropbox' and 'TrueCrypt' - I think I get this now - basically the local copy of 'Dropbox' sits in a secure encrypted drive, that can be open and closed as necessary and will sync when you open 'TrueCrypt', meaning if anyone access 'Dropbox' and tries to delete files, the local 'TrueCrypt Dropbox' drive remains unaffected.

My friend set this up for me yesterday and the only problem appears to be that my 'Dropbox' programme opens automatically on startup, and cant find the 'Dropbox' folder - I am sure Pui will fix that!

Now while all this new setup looks great, I went and bought a USB external hard drive, and will go back to having a 'parachute' - a hard drive with a full backup kept off site! Worked 20 years ago, no reason it wont work now!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Brian Goudie - now forces Word Press to remove profile


Well , a busy week this week! Yet another fake profile removed, this week set up on Word Press!

Really, have these people got nothing better to do?

Is my life that interesting to them?

This time they posted an innacurate report of a twenty year old story, so nothing new there.

But watch this space folks, news on Google and Youtube coming!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Brian Goudie - My fight with Andrew Drummond

Well, well, well here we are back for New Year - only the Second of January and the drivel has started already.

Brian Goudie

In a year where I have been attacked relentlessly by a 'journalist' - Andrew Drummond - a man who seems to have to constantly u-turn when he finds out what he wrote before was absolute drivel.

So for the first time I will come out on this blog and I will say it - Andrew Drummond writes tabloid trash and lies - what he does not know he just makes up, and I can prove it!

Here are the lies - any statement Andrew Drummond can prove is not a fabrication by him I will retract. Fair?

1. About me.

That I have been on the run from a criminal case in my home country of Scotland for twenty years, and an arrest warrant 'expired' - the truth is the case was dismissed in 1998. Documents from Scottish Authorities have been provided to Pattaya Court, the case has been finished for 15 years.

Comment : There never has been an arrest warrant in Scotland, this case has long since been dismissed, the story written by Drummond is a complete fabrication.

UPDATE : He wrote it again - there is no warrant - oh too hard, Andrew make it easy - post a copy! Forget the AAT, you know that was dismissed by the Court of Appeal, so no point in going over that old one again.

Brian Goudie - with my passport.

2. About me

That my passport was 'seized' by Pattaya Court in November 2013 - absolute nonsense, yet even when asked to correct it Drummond refuses.

I even provided Drummond with a dated photo of me with my passport.

Comment : My passport is with me and always has been - the story of the seizure of my passport is a complete fabricaton.

Gregory James Miller

3. About Greg Miller

Drummond reports I was a 'paedos lawyer' in the case of Greg Miller, in fact the lawyer was Sanya Namnaphon = Miller pleaded guilty on ten charges of child abuse and got 38 years - harsh yes, but he had a team of Thai lawyers advising him - nothing to do with me!

Comment : Mrs Miller has actually told the Court we never lied to her, and we hope we can talk to Mrs Miller in Court this month to resolve this case.

UPDATE : This case is to be sent to the Region 2 Court of Appeal for review of a 'serious legal error'.

John Jepson

4.About John Jepson

 Drummond reports I defrauded a man called John Jepson - John  Jepson has never paid me a single penny - in fact he has borrowed more than USD 100,000 from me so he could pay off his mortgage - I cant wait for this to come to Court!

Jepson was represented by no less than three highly qualified Thai lawyers - and never paid a penny.  I paid all of Jepson's bills and paid his mortgage of USD 100,000.

Interestingly Jepson is suing me, but not the legal company he has a contract with.

Comment : Mr Jepson is in for a few nasty surprises as we have uncovered evidence of the real reason he is suing in this case.

Ian Tracey at his arrest - in the street, not in a room!
5. About Ian Tracey

Drummond reports that I 'set up' a man called Ian Tracey - Ian Tracey was arrested as a result of a warrant issued by Rayong Court of Appeal in a case where the Court had sent documents to the wrong address!

The warrant for Tracey's arrest was issued two years before I knew him - some set up!

I helped Ian Tracey find a lawyer and the lawyer lodged the documents with the Court of Appeal - he has been released now - but I am still wrong. Drummond previously said of Tracey in two stories :

From Drummond's site on 3rd September 2013 :

'Last week Thai police found a wanted child abuser hiding in a room below Goldie's in the ‘Jaggy Thistle’ – the registered office of Goldie’s firm Alba Law.

Londoner Ian Charles Tracy, 47, had been on the run on for nearly a year on charges of abusing two boys aged 10 and 12, in Pattaya. Not only was Tracy living on the same premises as Goldie but witnesses say he had actually helped Goldie acquire the bar in the first place.

Tracy had little visible means of support in Pattaya, which is as famous for its young ‘boy bars’ as well as its thriving heterosexual sex scene. He earned pocket money making such things as steak and kidney and chicken pies and selling them to British run bars.

But he also had a voluntary role visiting foreigners in the local prison at Nong Plalai just outside Pattaya and reported back to Consulates – including the British one – on their condition and complaints.

He said he worked for a local children's charity ‘The Mercy Centre’, a fact that is unlikely to be confirmed'

Comment : Tracey has now gone from 'wanted child abuser' and 'on the run' to 'victim' - unbeleievable! Tracey was jailed as a result of the lawful order of a Thai Court, and at the time he was arrested was being followed by Thai police and had been under surveillance since the time of the arrest of Greg Miller - he had been warned of this by his own 'contact' in the Thai govenment.

From Drummond's site on 1st May 2013:

'Last year Pattaya Police arrested Briton Ian Tracy at the premises of Brian Goudie formerly known as the 'Jaggy Thistle' now the Paradise Bar in Jomtien Complex, Jomtien, Chonburi. Tracy a former prison visitor for the 'Mercy Centre' is alleged to have also found clients in the prison for Goudie in particular the man Goudie speaks abouthere. Tracy is doing four years for child abuse. In this photo Tracy is giving the finger while Goudie remains in the background'

From Drummond's site on 2nd January 2014:

'Goudie’s former girlfriend and assistant B K (sic Boonrod Baikrathok) confirmed that Goudie had called police in Banglamuang to report Ian Tracy’s presence at the Jaggy Thistle. She added that this occurred after Mrs. Barbara Fanelli Miller had left the premises to return to the United States.'

Comment: Tracey was arrested in August 2013, a fact confirmed by Drummond own story quoted above on 3rd September 2013, therefore was arrested at least three months before Miller returned to the USA - another fabrication!  Miller was there on the day of the arrest!

And B K (Boonrod Baikrathok) was the person who went to the Court to get the documents for Tracey, and was the one always in touch with Thai police! Tracey even gave her a power of attorney.

Brian Goudie with Nattasuda Sripawit
6. About Nattasuda 'Neung' Sripawit

Drummond says there are photos of me on social network sites with my ex-girlfriend Nattasuda 'Neung' Sripawit.

Drummond previously referred to her as being a p*****te - you cant get much lower than calling someone that. Now he wants to champion her cause.

Neung and I have had our differences, but I would never do anything to harm her or her reputation. Neung is a fantastic girl, just has had a few 'blips' in her path, but if she ever needs anything she knows who to ask.

Neung has posted photos on Facebook, as have I - so what! I also have Flickr and Picasa and there are photos there of me and Neung. The photos were posted when we were together! They are ours, we are entitled to post them!

Drummond has reposted many of the photos on his site illegally and without permission and they have got into search engines - he forgets to mention that of course!

Comment : I previously used Facebook, Google and various other sites under my old email address Ram****, but all of these accounts were compromised in June of this year when three of my computers and backup drives were stolen from my office along with a large number of personal photographs, videos and documents - many of these photos that were on my stolen computers now appear on Andrew Drummond's site - you ask the question!

Boonrod 'Nang' Baikrathok

7. About Boonrod Baikrathok

Drummond quotes on 2nd January 2014:

'Since she (Nang) had turned against Goudie (right) she has been the subject of a vicious campaign on the internet where personal and intimate pictures have been posted of her on a blogspot site and a Google+ site.'

Nang now has at least two cases to face in Court, and has already been convicted and sentenced in another case in September this year in Pattaya Court (nothing to do with me and boy was that kept quiet).

I saw some photos of Nang on the net last month, but they were certainly not pornographic, and I actually discussed it with several people last month as I had seen these photos before and did not know how they could have possibly come to be on the net - then I remembered my stolen computers (see above).

In fact, the only photo of Nang that I have (above) I got from the net - it has been on Drummond's site, and a number of other sites.

Comment : I previously used Facebook, Google and various other sites under my old email address Ram****, but all of these accounts were compromised in June of this year when three os my computers and backup drives were stolen from my office along with a large number of personal photographs, videos and documents - many of these photos now appear on Andrew Drummond's site - you ask the question!

There may be some photos of Nang out there, and I was alerted to them but the computers have been out of my control since June 16th, and the premises ransacked in mid July - all reported to police.

8. Fake Profiles and Social Networking

Over the last two months I have been in constant contact with Google, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing and a number of other sites.

Only last week, I had two fake profiles removed about me, one from Google and the other from Facebook. This follows other profiles removed previously. A number of removals are now pending.

Only last week nineteen (19) videos were removed from Youtube, see here : 

There are so many profiles that have been set up using my name,  but are posting fake photoshopped images - images that had previously appeared on Andrew Drummond's site, and then these images were reposted on Google, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, etc. Fortunately, lawyers have sourced the original copyrighted images before being photoshopped and this has been reported to their owners.

I have identified at least ten fake profiles in Google, all of which post comments on Drummond's site, and these fake profiles have been posting and reposting these images all over the net. Some of the profiles have now been deleted, and Google's legal department in California are now involved.

The difficulty is, according to the internet lawyers we are using in the US, that it is near impossible to track the source of these fake profiles, who the person is, where they live, or even what computer they use - and the source of the photos may never be known.

Google have told our lawyers they just cant tell us who is doing this, and they cant stop it - Google do not ask for ID when a profile is made and dont check names - so 'The Weapon' 'Tommy Truthsearcher' 'Horse Doctor' have all slipped through the net, however, all of this has now been reported to the Royal Thai Police - in fact only yesterday the first case was accepted and is reported on Case Watch Thailand here:

In the New Year, myself David Hanks and Drew Noyes intend to file cases against Google, Yahoo, Bing (Microsoft Search), and a number of individuals. We have already identified at least three web sites in Thailand that will be receiving summonses to appear in Criminal Court very shortly.

Google have been advised as follows:

'In some case the same false allegations have been repeated up to thirty times over 58 URL's, all on the same site.

The repeated publication of false and defamatory material is unlawful in the UK pursuant to the Defamation Act 1996 and the Malicious Communications Act 1998.

The use of copyright photographs taken from 'Facebook' is a criminal offence against the Copyright Act.

The hosting of a site that permits an ongoing campaign of internet harassment on a Google server is contrary to the following laws:

U.S.C. ¤ 875(c) – This deals with threats to kidnap or harm people. It was amended to include threats via computer networks.

47 USC sec. 223. – This deals with cyberstalking, which typically does not include an overt threat of kidnapping or harm.

18 USC § 1361-2, – This prohibits malicious mischief'

.................the ongoing campaign of internet harassment is being undertaken with the sole purpose of creating irreperable reputational damage, but also demonstres that is it being undertaken maliciously, and explains why the same false allegations are repeated time and time again, and why fake photoshopped images designed to embarrass and humiliate are being posted repetitively to ensure the images are refreshed constantly and are often name differently on different URL's to ensure the same images appears in search results on more than one occassion.'

Comment : I previously used Facebook, Google and various other sites under my old email address Ram****, but all of these accounts were compromised in June of this year when three of my computers and backup drives were stolen from my office along with a large number of personal photographs, videos and documents - many of these photos now appear on Andrew Drummond's site - you ask the question! 

Google, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, Youtube are just so dangerous as they permit fake profiles to be set up - the stupid thing is they only ask for proof of ID when you want to take it down - doesn't help me much as Drummond has posted my passport on his site so anybody can use it!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Brian Goudie to Nattasuda Sripawit -Thanks for taking care of me

Nattasuda 'Neung' Sripawit,  thank you so much for taking care of me when we were together.

Always and Forever.

I wish you well.

Brian Goudie.
Koh Samui, Thailand